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Spring migration is really heating up, and we hope you are getting out to enjoy it. We just wanted to let you know that there are several app updates that have just been released or in the pipeline that you should be seeing in the near future. 

Important information on the BirdsEye iOS upgrade

Birdlog Android

We are fixing some of the text entry issues that have been a real nuisance, so now text in comments should wrap correctly, and  auto-complete and auto-correct will be available where necessary. We are also making some small tweaks to the quick entry to hopefully make it more useful for field use.

Birdlog iOS

We will be addressing some isolated crashes that some users have been experiencing. (If you are getting frequent crashes, contact support. We can usually fix it for you.) We will also be cleaning up some things with the Quick Entry bar for some isolated cases where it didn't work.


Original BirdsEye App -- Free Upgrade to the New BirdsEye!!!

** Important information about the BirdsEye upgrade!! ** 

Amazingly, something like 30% of the people who have ever purchased the original BirdsEye in the last 5 years still use it at least once a month. 

That statistic tells us that BirdsEye users like it the way it is and many of you don't want us to change it.  However, BirdsEye reached to a point a couple of years ago where it became too difficult and expensive to maintain.  We came to the difficult decision to rebuild it.  We have been working on this upgrade for over a year now ... well, closer to two, actually.  We finally feel that this new version is ready to replace he original. We are thrilled to make it available for free to our original BirdsEye users.  We are really proud of it and you will see that it includes many features that are missing in the original, like seasonal bar charts, more species, more photos and better favorite locations.

However, there are some limitations we want you to know about, so please read on before you decide whether to upgrade.


The new upgrade is free and you don't need to pay anything to use it.  However, you will see that there are a couple of perks that are available only to "BirdsEye Members."  

So what's a BirdsEye Member?   Building, maintaining and improving an app like BirdsEye costs a lot of money, even with a low-paid and volunteer team of bird fanatics.  At the same time, we want to offer this upgrade for free to our existing and loyal users.  The solution we chose is to make the new BirdsEye free, and offer people a voluntary opportunity to contribute by becoming a member.  To be honest, the new app will prod and cajole you to become a member.  Please don't be offended and feel free to click "no thanks.".  If you are able to help us, and you want to, that's great.  If not, that's great too.   The important thing to remember is that ALL BirdsEye users benefit through upgrades and improvements that are mostly paid for by the contributions of members, so we hope you'll forgive the intrusion!

Please consider becoming a BirdsEye Member.


 You'll need to move your existing BirdsEye life list

One of the coolest features of the upgrade is the ability view your eBird life lists with BirdsEye. In addition to being able to manually keep a list within BirdsEye, you can also download your eBird lists and view them within BirdsEye!  Your lists will be backed up to our servers so you can view them on your iPhone and your iPad!  We think this is a big step forward. 

In order to make this listing improvement however, we needed to change the way the list function works in BirdsEye. As a result, any life list currently in BirdsEye will need to be re-entered into the new version. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

1) Transfer your BirdsEye life list into eBird using these instructions. (Free eBird account required)


2) Write down the birds on your current list and then renter in the updated version of BirdsEye.


What Else is New?

The Good Stuff:

  • BAR CHARTS showing seasonal abundance for each bird
  • Automatically sync your life or year lists with eBird for the ABA area, world, country, state or even county!
  • BirdsEye life list that is backed up to the Cloud
  • Support for bird names in several languages
  • Membership to support bird conservation and to add some great features
  • More accurate reporting of sightings
  • Create Favorite locations for a quick view of what’s being seen in your favorite birding spots
  • Links to Flickr and Wikipedia within BirdsEye to see more photos and information on any species
  • Full screen on iPhone 5 and above

A few things to be aware of:

  • You will lose your life list in BirdsEye. See instructions for moving your life list.
  • Wifi or cell connection required for most functions. BirdsEye relies on constantly updating data from eBird and so an internet connection is necessary to download these updates.  Once downloaded, sounds and photos are avaiable offline.  We did this to keep the app small and light.  There are several reasons we did this: to be able to support all fo the specis of birds in the world and to keep the app size manageable. 
  • BirdsEye requires iOS 7 - the update is not compatible with iOS 6 and below.
  • The update may download automatically to your device depending on your settings. If you want to hold off on the update and keep the original BirdsEye app, you will need to go to settings and turn off automatic app updates.

We hope you're excited as we are about the latest BirdsEye!  We work hard to make your birding more fun for you.  As always we appreciate hearing your suggestions and feedback.

If you like it, we encourage you to let your friends know by posting a positive review! 


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