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The beautiful bird-a-day calendar app

Daily Bird is a photo-a-day calendar that features stunning bird photography along with interesting facts and finding tips for that bird. You can also use the app as a clock and have it on display with its gorgeous photography that changes each day.

  • Check in every day to learn fascinating facts about a new bird species, enjoy great photography, and quiz yourself on the daily bird. 
  • Share with friends to see if they can also identify the bird of the day.
  • Set this up on your desk to keep grounded during a rough day stuck in the office when you would rather be outside.
  • Start off your day by learning something new and enjoying beautiful bird photography.
  • Daily Bird features some of the best photography from the BirdsEye contributors. Learn more about contributing at http://www.birdsinthehand.com/photos/


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Daily Bird Testimonials

Here's what some birders are saying about Daily Bird:

Love the Daily Bird ★★★★★

by Sassafras'Mommy

Just downloaded this app today and I love it! As an avid birder, I enjoy anything that gives me more information about birds. What a fantastic way to start each day! The photos are stunning - if I could give this app more than five stars I would. It's easy to use and is like a breath of fresh air when I have to spent time inside. Can't say enough good. Thanks so much!

Really Nice ★★★★★

by StorkleP

I look forward to this every morning, or if I forget for a few days it's like Christmas when I remember (this is probably more of a sad review of my life, but let's pretend not). Great mix of North American and international birds. I would love to see a few more photos of tricky females and juveniles thrown in! I always challenge myself (and then my girlfriend) to ID the bird before clicking to see the description (whoever writes those is doing amazing work). Even if I have never seen or heard of the bird, it is fun to see if I can get close on taxonomy and learn something new. 


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