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Binoculars, books and scopes have long been the essential birding tools. And now, there's BirdsEye, the indispensable app that gives you the inside scoop about which birds are being seen and where, in real time. 

BirdsEye is a simple but powerful tool for birders. It is simple, easy and fast to use so you can spend your time seeing birds!

  • See birds reported near you with local abundance information
  • Find the birds you need! See which birds that have been seen recently, but which are not on your list!
  • Browse detailed maps of bird sightings, nearby or worldwide
  • view photos, text, and sounds*
  • track your year or life list manually, or download it automatically from eBird for the world, country, state, or even by county
  • Plan your next birding trip - find Hotspots near you or where you're headed
  • Connect to Wikipedia and Flickr from within BirdsEye for more informaiton on your sightings
  • Locate unusual birds in the Rare & Notable sightings section

 * - Most birds have photos and sound recordings of songs and calls - new images and sounds are being added nearly every day!!


Get BirdsEye

BirdsEye is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the App Store and Android phones and tablets on the Play Store. BirdsEye is the definitive bird finding app for your mobile device! It will help you find birds, narrow down tough to identify birds, and carry all of your eBird checklists in your pocket. 

BirdsEye was developed by active eBird users as a power app for knowing what's being seen in your area. If you are not already familiar with eBird, we recommend that you visit and register before using BirdsEye for the first time.



How BirdsEye Works

BirdsEye uses your phone's GPS to display all recent sightings near your current spot out to any distance you select from 1 mile to 50 miles.

Looking for a specific bird? Search for birds by name to find out where it has been seen recently, and show you the exact location on a map.

BirdsEye provides essential distribution, behavior and habitat text to help you find the bird once you get to the right spot. Stunning and detailed photographs from  many top regional birders and guides will help remind you of the field marks you're looking for.

If you use eBird, you can import your eBird year or life lists for the whole world, region,  or specific country. You can also manually enter your life list or edit the list imported from eBird. Your lists are automatically backed up online.

BirdsEye is optimized for display on your iPhone and your iPod Touch, and also works on iPad.

BirdsEye was developed by birders for birders.


Check out the BirdsEye Demo Video.


+ More features for BirdsEye World Members:

  • Access all of the BirdsEye created and user-submitted content for all the birds in the world.
  • Browse eBird sightings by any month of the year, perfect for trip planning (iOS).
  • Create unlimited Favorite Locations (iOS).
  • Search for Notable and Rare species beyond 50 miles (iOS).
  • See the 10 most recent sightings for Rare and Notable species (iOS).
  • Explore bird lists by any month of the year (iOS).


Learn More about BirdsEye Memberships




What's New

iOS 8 compatibility

Continue to use the world's best bird finding app on Apple's latest version of iOS.

Worldwide Content 

BirdsEye has expanded coverage to the whole world. Access all available content for any species with a membership, or by purchasing one of the regional modules of BirdsEye right in the Bird Guide Store.

Browse all Species

Membership allows you to search and view the entire list of 10,000+ species: maps of sightings, text, photos and sounds.  Currently we have photos for about 1/2 of the world's bird species and are adding new photos daily from BirdsEye contributors.  Sounds may be limited, but you can expand the BirdsEye core library of sounds with additional sound packages available in the Bird Guide Store.

Browse by Month

Now you can browse sightings reported during the current month for the past several years, in addition to recent sightings. Members can now select any month of the year, or even choose a range of months to get an idea of what's been seen in the area.


BirdsEye Content

The content in the BirdsEye app comes from many sources, including text from renowned field guide author Kenn Kaufman, audio from the Macaulay Library as well as one of the most prolific recordists in the Neotropics, Peter Boesman, and photos from hundreds of contributors.


Powered by eBird

Our company is committed to birds, the birding community and bird conservation. We are proud to provide financial support to the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Every BirdsEye purchase you make directly supports the eBird project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We think they're worth it—now and for the future of birds and their habitats. Here's more about eBird:

  • eBird is a non-profit organization based at Cornell University.
  • eBird receives more than 5 million bird sightings each month submitted by birders around the world.
  • eBird's records in each State are reviewed for accuracy by a team of volunteer reviewers who are top local birders and scientists.


BirdsEye Testimonials

Here's what some birders are saying about BirdsEye:

Perfect for everyday birding ★★★★★

by Falco columbarius

I use this app every day for birding, more than any guide. It helps me see what is around any area I am visiting so that I can find new birds. This app was one of the main reasons I got an iPhone in the first place.

Most useful bird app ★★★★★

by Podoces

Birdseye is great! The new version has a lot of improvements over the last version; it's the bird app I use the most other than BirdLog. It's a must-have app for any birder.

I use it all the time ★★★★★

by DavidSarkozi

I use this app all the time when traveling and when birding high volume hotspots like High Island, should be on every birder's toolbox.

A+++ Best birding app ★★★★★

by Vestigu

 ...I am using it for my trip to Costa Rica this fall and I have downloaded the images and sounds and am practicing, as well as checking out the reported species in all my target areas down there. I am more prepared for this trip than I have ever been for a birding trip before...



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