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BirdsEye is now a world birding app!  A Regional or World Membership in the app gives you access to all of the BirdsEye content (photos and text) and unlocks unlimited access to eBird sightings for that region. Memberships are available through the iOS and Android apps as both monthly and yearly subscriptions.


Localized abundance charts for any spot on Earth help you find the birds you are looking for, and identify the birds you encounter wherever you are.



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You can purchase a year membership below via Paypal and we will set you up within 24 hours, or you can buy a membership directly though the BirdsEye app where there are additional options for monthly memberships.

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Additional member benefits on BirdsEye iOS


See more notable and rare bird reports (iOS)

Explore rare and notables up to 250 miles away (iOS)

See the bird list for your area or a hotspot for any month of the year (iOS)


Why are memberships necessary


BirdsEye is the product of many person-years of labor from hundreds of people. Money brought in from selling BirdsEye has never been enough to cover our costs even with the help of volunteers. We are able to balance our budget through generous contributions from users. One important way you can help is through a membership. If you like what we do and would like to help support future improvements, please consider becoming a member for about what it costs to buy a coffee and muffin to start a day of birding.


People have asked where our money goes and in an attempt to be transparent about what the membership fees pay for, here is a partial list:


App Stores: Apple and Google both take the first 30% of all revenue

Development: our largest cost by far is development: fixing bugs, adapting to new versions of operating system as they comeout, adding new features and supporting new platforms. BirdsEye requires a wide range of skills: wireframing, database, iOS client, Android client, website, web app, html, etc. Most of our developers are birders who help out at reduced rates because they like what we do, but still it costs money.

Managing photos, sounds and text:  Making sure all the photos are identified correctly is mostly done in our spare time, but we are regularly adding new content, updating text and more.

Royalties: we pay a portion of the money we receive to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, VIREO, and other 3rd-party content providers. For content packages like The Bird Sounds of Peru, we pay a total of 79% to the content provider.

Marketing: we spend money on newsletters and advertisements.

Customer Support: As you might imagine, customer support can feel like a thankless task. We are lucky to have George helping out. He gets paid a lot less than he's worth.

Server hosting: BirdsEye needs multiple fairly beefy servers to be able to provide fast response times to users in the field

Taxes: even though we have never earned a profit we still need to pay various federal, state and local taxes


The leaders of the project do it for fun, not for profit. We don't earn a salary and regularly contribute money to keep it afloat.





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How do I add a regional package to my account?

Packages can be found in BirdsEye and BirdsEye NA by tapping on the Bird Guide Store menu item. Browse the available packages and read more about them to select the packages you want.


What does a regional package give me?

The regional packages give you access to the images, text, and eBird sightings for all the species in that region. 



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