Worldwide Hotspot Finding

BirdsEye Hotspots is a simple tool for birders. It makes it quick and easy to find nearby hotspots so you can quickly get there and start birding!

  • Get driving, walking and transit directions to any hotspot worldwide in your favorite apps. Hotspots currently works with many of the popular map and navigation apps.
  • County listers rejoice! Always know which county you are in and which county your hotspots are in.
  • Link directly to the new BirdsEye apps to view local abundance charts of the birds found at each hotspot.
  • Bookmark your favorite hotspots for quick access, or for handy trip planning.
  • Quick swipe actions in list view to go straight to directions, weather and more.
  • One tap button to copy the latitude and longitude of a hotspot or your current location to quickly share with others.
  • Local weather data - you need to know what the conditions will be when searching for your next birding spot. That spot that is excellent in sunny conditions can be brutal when its stormy while rainy weather can prompt you to head to nearby lakes to look for waterfowl.
  • Sunrise and sunset times so you always know how much more daylight you have to twitch that rarity.
  • World wide access to eBird hotspots


$4.99 in the App Store

Note: Requires WiFi or data connection to access hotspot data.

Nearby Birds feature requires BirdsEye North America.



Testimonials and reviews

"...Trying to execute a big day? Definitely use this app. Weather, winds, and gps locations are all right in front of you as well, so while you're out and about you can catch birdies at peak movement times. If you're a birder, this app is a must have." - SJBrenner on iTunes

"I use this app multiple times a day when I'm birding. It comes in handy when I'm not entirely sure where a birding hotspot is located or when I want to bird somewhere new. The app is essential for a fun-filled, smooth day of birding! This app is crucial for navigating to spots easily during a Big Day. Every birder should own this app!" - ZCondron on iTunes


Comparison Table of hotspots functionality in BirdsEye vs. BirdsEye Hotspots

FeatureBirdsEye NABirdsEye Hotspots
Hotspots displayed The best hotspots, determined as those with recent eBird submissions All eBird hotspots
Region covered North America (regional apps cover the rest of the world) Worldwide
Bird sightings Available in app Link on each hotspot page directly to sightings in BirdsEye NA (or regional apps)
Compare hotspot bird lists to your life lists yes no
Local weather no yes
County/State info no shows county/state/province for current location and all hotspots
Driving Directions no yes, with Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze and TomTom apps
Distance to Hotspots no yes
Price $19.99 $4.99


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Our company is committed to birds, the birding community and bird conservation. We are proud to provide financial support to the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Every BirdsEye purchase you make directly supports the eBird project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We think they’re worth it—now and for the future of birds and their habitats.


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